A few new screencaps of Dianna Agron in Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ video (x)

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You’ve been so unavailable
Now sadly I know why
Your heart is unobtainable
Even though Lord knows you have mine

Dianna Agron as Tess Chandler in Headlock, Week 2

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Dianna Agron at the Big Slick KC event on June 20-21 2014. (more)

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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

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Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey

I thought it was a photoshoot - and then I read the caption/link.


friend: i’m getting mcdonalds you want anything?

me: i don’t have money

friend: it’s all good, i’ll pay




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Anna Kendrick + the stage.

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‘Orange Is the New Black’ star Laverne Cox just made TV history in a huge way 

When you watch the Emmy Awards on Aug. 25, you will witness living history: For the first time ever, a transgender actress’ name will be read aloud as an Emmy nominee.

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@DiannaAgron I miss him terribly. I know you all miss him too. To Cory… pic.twitter.com/tfwHKE0gXv


Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams

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Losing someone that close – I’ve honestly never been through anything like that, so the most someone like myself can do is offer my condolences. That’s a tough one. Our prayers are with [Becca Tobin] and with what we went through a year ago with Cory – it’s still fresh wounds, and I can’t help but associate that feeling with what we went through. But she’s such a strong girl, so she’ll be all right.

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